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Boston Globe

Tony Rodriguez was hired by the Boston Globe to illustrate Denis Diderot, the founder of the Encyclopedia.

"My contribution to the 07/05/2015 issue of the Boston Globe’s opinions section revolved around an iconic 18th century Frenchman, Denis Diderot. The Art Director at The Globe had a specific vision for this project that perpetuated the “Where’s Waldo” concept without losing the focus on Diderot himself. The idea was to convey a sense of clutter, Victorian-esque vibes, and crucial information from all over the world. This meant animals, languages, insects, literature, etc. Denis Diderot, a partially blind man, was the artist behind the Encyclopedia’s content and overall structure. The work that went into the publication was intense and immense, lasting over two decades to completion. One of the main themes conveyed in the illustration is an exhausting effort, almost as if all of the world’s knowledge were to be caving in on the author. I am very glad to have had a hand in creating this kind of imagery for The Boston Globe." Tony Rodriguez