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The Washington Post

Tony Rodriguez was hired to illustrate the cover of the "Arts & Style" section for the Washington Post. The full page artwork portrayed Jon Stewart loosening his tie, in honor of his departure from The Daily Show. 

"My contribution to the 07/30/2015 Washington Post was a great challenge and a tremendous learning experience for my work. I was assigned the task of illustrating Jon Stewart’s departure from the Daily Show. I had rifled through several ideas, many of which were kicked to the curb. Originally, the Art Director had a very specific vision for this project which required me to morph dozens of faces into Jon Stewart’s face while still keeping the people appearing different in shape, size, height, race, gender, etc. This was a huge challenge for me as I am not entirely confident when it comes to morphing faces to that degree. The final sketch for that idea ended up looking like a variety of zombie-fide Han Solo Harrison Ford characters. Truly a great fail for me that I and the Art Director were able to find humor with. I learned a lot from this awful rough. Finally the idea to portray Jon loosening his tie and gazing off into the depths of the Daily Show set was proposed. This idea was a powerful one and I was very thankful to have been able to squeeze it out in time for print!"